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"All About Baltimore"

The Interned based community portal will be attractive and inviting to all users. This "gateway" to the Internet will benefit inexperienced users the most. The “All About Baltimore” portal will eliminate the guesswork of accessing information on the Internet with a multiple channel, interactive and engaging home page. 

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Adoption and Use

Residents access this valuable digital resource by purchasing a subscription and signing up with an Internet provider. This small step  immediately produces an enormous  highway of opportunity to email, text, join groups, register for classes,  connect visually with family and friends, access training, watch movies, download files, research very topic of interest; and, maybe even find a better paying job or more interesting career choice.

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Community Engagement

Community engagement will be personalized according to the needs of the individual. A variety of informative channels will engage residents with entertainment and music, educational opportunities, discussion groups and forums and social events that build


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Increasing residential and community memberships and subscriptions will will sustain the "All About Baltimore" site. Portal advertisers and entrepreneurial efforts, will  expand market opportunities and provide growth in neighboring communities.

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