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Digital Equity & Inclusion

Broadband Access

We deploy the latest technology to bring affordable and reliable fiber to homes at high Internet speeds. This significantly reduces buffering and will provide faster access.

Household Digital Profile

Navigators will assess individual and family digital needs, tailor and discuss several plans for the household; and, recommend a path forward with their assistance.

Community Engagement

We will systematically utilize  all available communication tools to reach out and gain the support of residents, clergy, businesses, healthcare providers and other institutions. 

Digital Literacy

Outreach penetration efforts will reach every block and home in the Westport-Mt Winans-Lakeland neighborhoods. Daily use of digital literacy education tools will significantly improve adoption of digital connectivity.

Digital Navigator

Young adults from the community who are interested in offering support to area residents, will encourage broadband adoption through a grassroots approach.

Community Social Portal

The most important part of the community engagement model is the verifiable measurement data of adoption and utilization that is captured by  the Internet Service Provider (ISP ).


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